Monday, 4 March 2013

Challenging SportySis

Challenge 1
The medicine cabinet
-declutter, clean and organise

Challenge 2
The appliance of science
-wipe down the exteriors of all appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer, cooker, hob, microwave, toaster and kettl)e
-run the dishwasher and washing machines (empty) with a cup of vinegar
-run the dishwasher and washing machine (empty) with no detergent of any kind

Challenge 3
Airing your dirty laundry
-gather ALL the laundry you can find, sort and begin to launder (needed and used items first)
-do at least TWO loads a day (except Sunday and make at least one load, one which can go in the dryer until dry as a bone) until you have cleared the backlog
-if it isn't raining and there's some sun/wind then get it out on the line
-use phone alarms to keep you on task with changing out loads, hanging them up etc.
-iron as you go (iron the bare minimum)
-put away as you go
-dump and donate as you go

Challenge 4
Dump Run
-fill the car after the morning school run
-set your phone alarm for one o'clock
-dump rubbish and proceed to VPS
-enjoy reading if you have any excess time

Challenge 5
Charity Challenge
-fill the car after the morning school run
-set your phone alarm for one o'clock
-drop off donations and proceed to VPS
-enjoy reading if you have any excess time

Challenge 6
A quarter hour declutter
-set your phone timer for ten minutes
-gather yourself three bags/boxes (keep, dump, donate)
-attack your chosen area (toys, kids' clothing, adult clothing, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, garage)
-when the alarm sounds, put away your keep items, dump your dump items and put your donate items in your "donate spot" (this will use up your fifteen minutes)
-repeat as often as you like

Challenge 7
Dream Big with Gratitude
-get a notebook and go through your home one room at a time (physically and mentally) noting down all your ideas for each space, ideas for redecoration, change, creative touches, storage, organisation and add in any little fix-it jobs
-since the above task can sometimes leave you feeling dismayed, take a clean page and write down things for which you are thankful (focusing on your home and the shelter, comfort etc. it provides)
-if you can try and do one of the little jobs you noted down (lightbulb change or add the details of the needed lightbulb to your shopping list), do something to give yourself a sense of accomplishment today

Challenge 8
Cutlery Drawer
-clear, wipe down and dry the counterspace above your cutlery drawer
-empty your drawer completely, wash it out and dry it, leave it open to fully dry
-clean out your cutlery organiser (wash, dry roughly and leave to dry thoroughly)
-sort through the drawer contents, put into the dishwasher/sink anything that needs rewashed, gather like with like and declutter unused or excess items to one side
-set an alarm for returning to replace everything into the now dry drawer and organiser
-take donate/dump items straight to the grey/blue bins or into a bag/box at your "donate spot"

Challenge 9
Loving on your kids
-after the morning school run start a load of laundry, as you load in the items take time to pray for your husband, children and yourself
-sit down with a cuppa and blank paper and write a letter to each of the kids and then one to your hubby, praise them for their good qualities, tell them about how you pray for them and the specific qualities you pray for them (to be patient like Job, strong like Samson, wise like Solomon etc.), tell them about things you love about them and how proud you are of them (be specific) and these don't have to be long letters either - you shoukd get them all written before the laundry is washed
-share the letters with your chikdren either one-on-one or by reading them aloud to the whole family (after dinner/before bed/at breakfast)
-once read put these letters in a safe place
-as a follow up, put a love note in your boys' lunches/pencilcases next week (set a phone reminder for the time you make their lunches)

Challenge 10
Bleach your bathrooms and your kitchen sink
-open ALL household windows before you begin
-go to town on each bathroom and on the kitchen sink
-once completed leave your windows open for the rest of the (school) day to really blow the cobwebs loose and lose the smell of the bleach
-follow-up by bleaching both toilets every other day in the morning before you do the school run (opening the windows at the same time and then flushing the loos and closing windows on your return home)