Tuesday, 28 May 2013

32 Goals: Week 1

Daily Tasks
Choose a cute notebook and begin to study Isaiah and make notes using the SOAP method (4)
Revise and relearn previous Scripture memorisation with Bundle (at breakfast) (6)
Work consistently to teach Bundle more signs (milk, food, toilet, bed, book, pray, quiet and no). (7)
Engage Bundle in a daily prayer time (10)
Say grace before all meals (10)
Maintain laundry, open blinds and make beds daily (13)
Air the house (13)
Tidy 32 things a day (15)
Read Flatland (22)
Save change (especially fivers) (26)
Track spending (26)
Dilute milk (26)
Knit (26)
Swagbucks and GFK Media Panel (26)
Practise separation discipline with Bundle (from event not from me) when necessary (31)

One and Done Tasks
Devise a meal and snack plan (2)
Try my Urban Dance exercise DVD (3)
Revise my already learnt WSC questions and answers, use the study book and CD (5)
Revise BSL alphabet, numbers and colours (7)
Develop a fluid schedule and more routines to the day to allow for cleaning, exercise, grooming, crafts, special interests, reading etc. (8)
Choose a time to get up each morning (8)
Tidy up the family tree information already gathered (9)
Make a prayer pot (10)
Revise Spanish alphabet, numbers and colours (12)
Develop cleaning schedule (13)
Tot up any decluttered items(14)
Sort/donate/declutter/delve through a "box" (18)
Email OzSis and family at least once (20)
Email Mr&MrsThing at least once (21)
Download the send to kindle application onto the PC (22)
Revise previously learnt hymn/chorus words (23)
Collate a scrapbook of Bundle's birth cards (24)
Rejoin GFK Media Panel (26)
Complete maximail surveys (26)
No takeaway week, set aside saved money (26)
Turn off TV/SkyBox at night, unplug microwave, toaster, washing machine and dryer when not in use (26)
Download and back-up the free curriculum about studying geography etc. through the great commission (27)
Set up an organisation system for my tutoring supplies (27)
Contact Suzanne re Blyton books (27)
Update business money phone app. after tutoring (28)
Tidy the base of the long-hanging wardrobe (29)
Practise church behaviour with Bundle by listening to ten minutes of a sermon CD, include practice of the signs for prayer, quiet and no (31)
Practise the piano (32)

Indefinite Tasks
Spend time with my SportySis (1)
Reduce my dairy intake (2)
Reduce/Cut out the junk food (2)
Lose weight (2)
Enjoy fresh air with Bundle (3)
Walk faster and farther when taking Bundle out in the pram/buggy (3)
Groom more consistently (11)
Eyebrow shaping, haircuts, re-fixing hair through the day, make-up, exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturising, weekly night-cream, handcream and nail care (11)
Use clothes dryer as little as possible (26)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

32 Goals for my 32nd Year

This coming weekend I shall turn thirty-one and so, once more, my life is in sharp focus...

...here are 32 goals for my 32nd year, in no particular order...

1. SportySis & Sewing
Spend time with my SportySis and have her teach me how to use a sewing machine.
Spend time with her crafting otherwise and just spend time.
Make four fruit and vegetable bags from my already set aside pillowcases.

2. Weight Loss
Reduce my dairy intake.
Cut out the junk food.
Plan ahead for meals and snacks to lessen the likelihood of my falling off the wagon.
Lose the weight (pregnancy permitting).

3. Exercise
Enjoy fresh air with Bundle, including walks, playdates and trips to the park etcetera.
Walk faster and farther when taking him out in the pram/buggy.
Try all my exercise DVDs (one DVD a fortnight - trying it at least twice).
Borrow off friends/family to try and find one (or more) that I might *enjoy*.

4. Quiet Time
Study my way through the book of Isaiah.
Make notes about what I'm learning.
Use SOAP method.

5. Catechism
Learn a Westminster Shorter Catechism question and answer every week.
Use the study book and CD to help.

6. Memorise Scripture
Practise Scripture memorisation daily with Bundle (at breakfast) and try to learn a new Scripture about once a fortnight.

7. BSL
Revise British Sign Language, set aside a time each week.
Use vocabulary videos online.
Work consistently (at lunchtime or other relevant points in the day) to teach Bundle more signs (e.g. milk, food, toilet, bed, book, please, thank you, more, all done, dog, pray, quiet).

8. Schedule
Develop a fluid schedule and more routines to the day to allow for cleaning, exercise, grooming, crafts, special interests, reading etc.
Choose a time to get up each morning.

9. Family Tree
Focus on the family tree - sending emails and letters to confirm or learn information and gather letters, photographs and stories to collate and distribute.
Tidy up the information already gathered.

10. Prayer
Make a prayer pot.
Engage Bundle in a daily prayer time.
Say grace before all meals.

11. Grooming
Groom more consistently.
Eyebrow shaping, haircuts, re-fixing hair through the day, make-up, exfoliation, cleansing, toning and moisturising, weekly night-cream, handcream and nail care.

12. Spanish
Revise Spanish vocabulary and grammar, set aside a weekly time.
Make use of the various books, CDs etc. That I already have.
Plan a Spanish holiday and practise!

13. Housekeeping
Improve household care - continue with fortnightly bed linen changes, maintaining laundry, opening blinds and making beds daily, improve my airing of the house, cleaning and tidying.
Develop cleaning schedule.

14. Declutter
Declutter 32 things a month.

15. Tidy
Tidy 32 things a day.

16. Wedding Album
Choose favoured pictures.
Collate our wedding album.

17. Photo Book 1
Make a personalised photo book for Bundle.
Go through the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes.
Include close family, familiar locations and pets.

18. Sort
Sort/donate/declutter/delve through at least 32 "boxes".
Including those in the barn and attic.

19. Photo Book 2
Collate a photo album/scrapbook of our Australian adventure.
Include journalling of our adventures.

20. OzSis
Develop my relationship with OzSis and her kids through regular emails (at least once a fortnight).

21. MrsThing
Maintain my relationship with Mr&MrsThing through regular emails (at least once a fortnight).

22. Kindle Reading
Read at least 32 of my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle e-books to ensure value for money.
Also all other "purchased" e-books (Flatland, Life of Pi).

23. Singing
Learn the words of a new hymn/chorus every week.
Make use of our multiple worship CDs.

24. Scrapbook
Collate a scrapbook of Bundle's birth cards.

25. Velcro
Velcro the sofa cushions.
Also cut, hem and velcro in place the Ikea fabric panels onto the craft cupboard doors, also clean the glass.

26. Save £2,500
Saving change (especially fivers).
Gathering what we already have (updating and closing the post office accounts).
Selling (e.g. excess nappies and wraps, ki-fit, perhaps using gumtree to declutter the outhouses and sell "excess" books, perhaps buying and selling charity shop finds).
Cutting spending (buying up cheap end-of-day bakery items and freezing them for general future use, tracking spending for a month to seek ways in which to save, cutting out all buying for a month-save milk/fruit/vegetables, using the library, reducing the number of takeaways we buy, buying in bulk for a saving, paying cash, buying little to no junk food, drinking only water/coffee/tea, growing vegetables/herbs, crafting rather than purchasing all gifts, watering down our milk, losing weight to fit into the clothes I already own, checking online for discount vouchers, comparison shopping, buying used).
Getting free money (rejoining tv panels for vouchers, using maximail, using swagbucks, getting swagbucks referrals-Mimi&Bella/SportySis/Mama/Gerta, emailing companies whose products we buy or those with new products to request coupons/free samples, completing online buying through maximail/swagbucks sites).
Cutting bills (e.g. sharing a main meal at a restaurant-just order an extra side or going for a kids eat free option, lowering the hot water temperature, using the dryer less, no paid for TV, unplugging appliances, doubling up on oven usage, using the slow cooker more, keeping the fridge/freezer fuller, turning the heat down/off, boiling the kettle once with the minimum amount of water in it, comparison shopping suppliers-where possible).

27. Schooling Supplies
Download and back-up the free curriculum about studying geography etc. through the great commission.
Organise tutoring and homeschool supplies.
Contact Suzanne re Blyton books and Girvins re Firefly, English book.

28. Tax Return
Complete my tax return before January 3rd 2014.
Keep better records using application on my phone.

29. Clothing storage
Clear out underneath our bed (and keep it empty).
Tidy the base of the long-hanging wardrobe.
Re-organise the second single wardrobe.
Sort Bundle's clothing storage.

30. Candlemaking
Try making scented candles.
Potential gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

31. Church Schema
Practise church behaviour with Bundle by listening to one (part) sermon a week through iTunes/SermonCloud or on our numerous sermon CDs.
Include signs for quiet and prayer.
Practise separation discipline (from event not from me) throughout the week.

32. Piano
Practise the piano at least once a week.
Learn to play the following tunes (at least a basic version) well: Happy Birthday, Away in a Manger, Jesus Loves Me and How Great Thou Art.

Skills, goals, projects, teaching, learning, using, making, talking, bonding, organising - a busy year ahead.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Bundle Tales #1

My fast asleep babe, laid out across my lap, when the first notes of a tune kick in and he gives a whole-hearted clap along with the music.

Bopping along with the background music on TV.

When he hasn't access to both hands for clapping e.g. during a feed, he'll clap his head in time with music.

Laying his sweet little body on me in sickness or tiredness or just laying his head against me, my tummy, arm, shoulder, leg.

Smiling in his sleep.

The day he fell asleep in the bumbo.

The evening he fell asleep in the high chair and the second one when he almost did - bless.

Getting so excited he literally bounces in his high chair.

His stream of conscienceness of mamamamadadadadad after his febrile convulsion.

Laying back against me in the hospital bed after the above fit and just nodding off.

Sleeping so soundly I have to lean in to make sure he's breathing.

Snorely so loudly I have to move his positioning so he'll stop snoring so I can get some sleep too!

Getting so excited when he hears/sees his Daddy's return from a day of work.

The huge waves he gives the dogs (currently Lucy and Betty) whilst people get only small ones :)

Dancing and clapping and the instant smile when he hears his favourite song (Maccabeats - Candlelight).

Dancing and practising his clapping and dancing, while standing unsupported (15 months).

His excitement as he chatters and squeals and makes his funny wee chokey sound, or chuckles so hard that he sounds like he's choking.

Starting to give and fully receive kisses (15 months).

His pure joy as you throw something (including him) up into the air and catch it (him).

Tapping his foot in perfect time to the music (17 1/2 months).

Holding the phone (or any phone-like object e.g. remote) at the back of his head instead of his ear (too cute at 15/16 months) and finally getting it and holding them to his ear and having baby-talk convos (17 months).

Pushing the laundry basket to the door for Mummy (15 months)

Carrying (the far too often used) disposable nappy bags to the door for Daddy.

Having a dustpan and brush as his favourite toy (from 16 1/2 months).

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pinisher Link-up - Week 2 - Home

Time for another edition of pinishing.

Thie week's theme is Home. Oh the options, oh the pins!

Pinisher blog link-up

Link to the original project: tissue box as plastic bag dispenser.

Link to my pin: here.

Follow me on Pinterest: here.

I wanted to pincomplish something, so I set the bar low, waaayyyy low this week.
An old tissue box refilled with plastic bags, retaped shut and stashed under the sink. Ta-da!
Of course that wasn't much of a project, but I wasn't sure I'd have time for much else, but of course pinishing that gave me the motivation to do more...

Pincomplishment #2

Link to the original project: bed linen sets gathered together in pillowcases.
Although I highly suspect that Martha Stewart was not the original authoress, her company certainly is the source of the picture I pinned.

Link to my pin: here.

I'd seen the idea of gathering up each set of bedlinen in a pillowcase floating around for a while and hadn't bothered to pin it, after all my neatly tied up bed-sets, in co-ordinating ribbon no less, looked much cuter...only I'd gotten out of the habit of re-bundling them and so I conceded the whole pillowcase thing was a good idea. I now have the linens all less beautifully organised, but organised nonetheless.

Pincomplishment #3

Link to the original project: velcro-dotted lollipop sticks.

Link to my pin: here.

Link to my pin of my completed pincomplishment: here.

Not quite a "home" project so much as a "homeschool" project but I'd bought the velcro dots recently (thank you eBay) and picked up the "multi-coloured craft sticks" aka lollipop sticks whilst at a fabulous craft store in Australia. T'other day I took ten minutes during Daddy-duty to attack a bit of the craft cupboard, locating said dots and lolly sticks and uniting the two. Dorian you're defin-tootly having a good affect on me as I didn't stop until I was pinished with my labelled lolly sticks all beautifully boxed and ready to go (for a year or two's time, when the Bundle may have passed on from the everything-must-be-tasted-and-chewed-upon stage).

See all the Pinishers this week at Scrutinies!

Pinisher blog link-up

P.S. Ta for the template Dorian.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pinisher Link-up - Week 1 - Food

Clever girl, Dorian Speed of Scrutinies, is forcing encouraging us procrastinators pinners to actually pinish some of our million many pinned projects.

This week's theme is food.

Pinisher blog link-up

I scoured my rather neglected "yum yum in my tum" food board and... who am I kidding it was always gonna be between the butter pecan sauce and the nutella brownies...fyi, brownies won.

Sidenote: no idea if these would work as gluten-free lovelies.

Original recipe here: Nutella Brownies

My pin: here.

Pinned photograph of the yummies here (since my seriously lacking computer skills only allow me to pin photos directly from my phone camera and not j.peg? them into this post).

Follow me here: Armour Academy - lots of funnies and organise-y things - my claim to fame being that the wonderfully funny Kelly Mantoan (of This Ain't the Lyceum) is a follower and I like to pretend she didn't just click follow because I repinned her funny pic of the cutie that is Teddy, her youngest :)

As for the recipe - yum! The suggested recipe only made me 10 decent sized muffin/cupcakes so you may wanna double up if you fancy making some (and you do believe me). The timing was off (I cooked mine 20/25mins rather than the suggested 30 and they were a touch dry) and you NEED to add just a couple or three hazelnuts to the top - they totally tip the cakes into heavenly, though I made a couple without the added nuts for my Hubby (loves Nutella but doesn't like hazelnuts - explain that to me if you can). Oh and licking (ahem, sorry) cleaning the measuring cup, baking bowl etc. was delicious easy too.

Three ingredients cupcakes - what's not to love!


Pinisher blog link-up

Link-up to Scrutinies to join in the fun!

Except my procrastinator self is leaving it to the last minute, so you might have to wait until next week...

Next week's theme - Home - oh the choice of pins!