2013 Craftiness & Gift Guide

2013 Ideas

Mum's bday (his) - homemade peanut butter fudge and coconut and chocolate fudge wrapped up in a pretty jewellery box (used), table runner and restaurant voucher
Mimi's Nephew's bday - wooden hammer toy and copy of peepo
Hubby's Valentine's - framed wedding vows and a matching homemade Valentine's card and new Roxette CD
TinyBaby's bday - random selection of clothes and necessaries
Mum's bday (mine) - handbag
SportySis' bday - homebound advent e-books and purchased decorations and holiday-purchased candle-bridge-set

Big & Little Nieces' bdays - t-shirt, socks and books
Mothers' Day (x2) - footprint artwork framed and framed photo from Bundle
Mother's Day (mine) - homemade massage oil in upcycled bottle and novel
Mother' Day (his) - bath goodies
Dad's bday (his) - homemade fudge (chocolate and coconut - as requested and an Irish country cream fudge) and restaurant voucher
MrsKitty's bday - hand warmer and personalised essential oil

Angel's Girl's bday - set of books
BIL's bday - barber's voucher and bottle of Irish country cream

SportyBIL's bday - t-shirt
MrsThing's bday - pantone board books and mini easel and canvas
Gerta's bday - two organic soaps, organic lip balm and...

Mimi's bday - fancy long scarf circle
SportyE's bday - cheque
SportyM's bday - cheque
Fathers' Day (x2) -
La-la's bday - jigsaw set and books

SIL's bday (July 13)- homemade cake/cookie mix and mr and mrs stencilled pillowcases
Dad's bday (mine) -
MrThing's bday - voucher

Our Anniversary -
SportyR's bday - cheque
Hubby's birthday - a brag book of Bundle,
Gerta's Boy's bday - Mother tongue book
BerryBaby's bday - books
Angel's Boy's bday - Dinosaur books
Belle's bday? - books
Bundle's bday - play kitchen and chef's hat and apron

BigSis- voucher
Hubby - a wedding album (finally), tree skirt with our family's handprints,
Bundle - his own photobook, scarf and tyre swing,
Parents (mine) - tree skirt of all the grandchildren's handprints,
Parents (his) - tree skirt of both granchildren's handprints,
SportySis - fancy wool scarf, daily checklist pad and tree skirt of her boys' handprints,
BERM boys - surname and no. stencilled pillowcases (one/two each)
SportyM - Hairy Maclary book
BigSis' Family - vouchers
Mr and Mrs Thing - vouchers
SIL - fancy wool scarf, tree skirt of family handprints,
BIL - homemade hot chocolate mix, rein-beers,
La-la - scarf, matching ones for Anna Doll and Holly Dolly and an apron for her tea-shop,
Angel's girl - scarf and matching one for her doll,
Angel's Boy -
Gerta - fancy-ish scarf,
Gerta's Girl - scarf and matching one for her doll,
Gerta's Boy - stripy scarf
Belle - scarf and matching one for her doll and
I'll also be crafting my Christmas cards through recycling last year's received cards as well as composing the Chrismas letter and including a family photo/one of Bundle.
SportyB's bday - cheque
Gerta's Girl's bday - Mother tongue book
2014 Ideas
Angel's bday (Jan 14) - fancy wool scarf and homemade hot chocolate mix
SportySis' birthday (Feb 14) - mr and mrs stencilled cushions
MrsThing's bday (May 14) - mr and mrs stencilled pillowcases

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